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From Dr. Eric Hankins, Senior Pastor

When my youngest son, Jake, was six or seven-years-old, he asked me when I thought the world was going to end. Since I wasn’t too sure that spending a lot of time worrying about the Apocalypse was a good idea for a first-grader, I offered a nonchalant, “I don’t know,” hoping that he might let the matter drop. He didn’t. “Well, I think it’s going to be in the year 5037.” Jake has always been a numbers guy, and, while he did not share with me his process for calculating the date, you can be sure he had one. I replied that I thought his guess was pretty good, hoping he might let the matter drop. He didn’t. “Well, what’s your guess?” Reaching into my vast treasury of biblical knowledge for a way out, I said, “Actually the Bible says that no one knows the day or the hour, and it teaches us to live every day like it could be our last. So, truthfully, the End of the World could be today.” As is often the case with Jake, there was a long, long pause as he mulled things over. Then, with the finality of a Supreme Court justice, he gave his verdict on my eschatological machinations: “That,” he said, “is the worst answer I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Jake’s reaction to the biblical truth about our relationship to time is pretty common. In fact, it is one that I secretly cherish myself. Jake was hoping for an end that was way, way off. Even as a little kid, in the time period where one is mostly just waiting for what’s next, he wanted more time, plenty of time. That’s the big lie. Our enemy doesn’t mind if we believe in God, the Bible, heaven, hell, and even salvation in Christ alone—as long as we believe that there is plenty of time in which to delay our decision to get serious about those realities. But the truth is, we are not promised the next moment, so we should cherish each moment and use it for the only thing that will last—Christ and his glorious kingdom

Pastor Eric

The Pastor’s recent publication in  “The Journal of Baptist Theology” is available here: JBTM Romans 9.pdf

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