More Movement

Due to the next stage of renovations in the West Building, some of our Adult classes and Students  have moved to the following locations. Please check below to see if your class has moved and your new location.

Class, Age Group: New Location
Students: Grades 7 – 12, Sanctuary Balcony
Adult 1: Mike Bosarge, College/Young Singles:  Student Center
Adult 2: Dr. Henry, Young Professionals: Student Center
Adult 3A: Clay Rainer, Young Marrieds:  Student Center
Adult 3B: Ryan Weed, Young Marrieds: Student Center
Adult 3C: Shane Langley, Young Marrieds: Student Center
Adult 4A: Garth White, Coed Singles, 40-50s: Student Center
Adult 5: Jeremy Kilpatrick, 40-Somethings: Student Center
Adult 8A: Hicks/Shepherd, Coed Empty Nesters: 201 Student Center
Adult 8B: David McKeithen, Coed Empty Nesters:  Church Office – Conf Room
Adult 10C: Bud Baker, Coed 60s–Up:  Page and Palette Bookstore

Special thanks to these classes for your flexibility as our construction project and renovations continue on our wonderful project!

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