Jeff Ingram Memorial Golf Tournament

First Baptist’s 20th Annual Jeff Ingram Memorial Golf Tournament will be held this year on October 5 at 1:30pm at Rock Creek Golf Course. This tournament is in memory of Pastor Jeff Ingram, our beloved Senior Adult/Missions Pastor who left a legacy of Christ’s love for the world. Our mission teams from First Fairhope bring the life-changing and community transforming message of God’s love throughout North America and the world. These teams meet physical needs such as medical care, nutrition, construction and education. From New Orleans to Indonesia, every dollar raised goes directly to those who will be giving their time and talent to go to places where the spiritual and material needs are great.

In addition to the contributions from the golfers themselves, we are looking for community partners to sponsor holes. The name of your business will be prominently displayed on one of the tee boxes, giving great visibility to your involvement in our community and your values as a business.

Please help us continue Pastor Jeff Ingram’s legacy of showing that Love is demonstrative (I John 3:14; 4:7). Our love for God is shown to the degree we show love to others. First Baptist’s mission is to know Him and make Him known. Thank you in advance for your support.
You may sign up for the tournament as a single player or as a group of four by clicking this button:
[button coming soon]

Let us know the sponsorship choice you have made today and return this form to our church representative. This is a charitable contribution and all checks should be made out to First Baptist’s Jeff Ingram Memorial Golf Tournament.

Individual Name or Business
Telephone #
email address


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