For Such A Time As This

First Baptist Church’s mission is to “Know Him & Make Him Known” as we seek to reach the lost and unchurched of Fairhope and the Eastern Shore. This campaign, “For Such A Time As This”,  will help us to raise funds to add new facilities and renovate and remodel existing facilities to help us better reach people and make disciples for the glory of God.

What is the purpose of the campaign?
Over four years ago we began to look at how we could provide more secure Preschool / Children’s space and best utilize our existing space so that we can more effectively reach the thousands of new people that are moving to Fairhope and the Eastern Shore. We believe this project will help us to better accomplish our mission of making disciples through much needed new space and renovations of existing space.

How will the project help us reach our community for Christ?
The additional space for Preschoolers and Children will be much more secure and inviting to young families, and along with the renovated space for Adults and expanded Fellowship Hall, will better position us to reach more people. In addition, the new Family Commons space will give us a main focal entry that will make our facilities much more accessible and will say, “Welcome! We’ve been expecting you.”

Our Prayer during this Campaign:
O, Lord, like Esther, we turn to You in prayer for “such a time as this” because without You we are helpless but with You all things are possible. Like Esther and her people, we agree together that You have called us to this moment of decision. As Esther called a fast, we declare that we want nothing but Your presence, your power, and your provision. As Esther surrendered completely, we give everything we are and everything we have to You. Amen.
Watch the Commitment Sunday Video here:

Read the First Newsletter of the Campaign here:

Watch the Vision Gathering Video here:


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