Big Stuf – for High Schoolers

BIGSTUF (for students that have completed 9-12 Grade)  |  June 5-9
Why Bigstuf Camp? One of the reasons is because we believe God is making Himself known by using people and environments to impact and change the world, and we think that is pretty big stuff (they dropped one “f” off of stuff just to be different). One of the things we love about Bigstuf Camp is all of the different people who are a part of the team. Speakers, musicians, hosts, interns, staff…they are simply amazing! Some of them are people known around the world and some are people no one has ever heard of. All of them are humble, caring people who share their gifts and their faith in wonderfully unique ways. You can’t really say in words what Bigstuf camp is like…you just have to be there. Camp Cost is $393 and a $60 deposit is due at sign up.

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